Biostatistics Graduates

Learn how some our Biostatistics graduates are MAKING DIFFERENCES around the world and why you should consider beginning your future career with us.

the program had a strong emphasis on coding (in SAS and R in particular). It really helped me sell myself on the job market

Mike Bridges, MS Biostatistics 2020

The research opportunities outside of the classroom prepared me for communicating effectively and applying my coursework to real time problems.

Morgan Johnson, MS Biostatistics 2020

So many of the world's industries & public services are moving toward big data analysis to help with decision making, risk analysis, and policy change. It's a fantastic movement to be a part of and MSU's Biostatistics & Epidemiology department helped prepare me for that!

Kyle Bennett, MS Biostatistics 2019

I believe extensive training in statistical programming from the Biostatistics courses offered at MSU helped me hone my analytical thinking skills when it comes to programming. Because of the training, I was able to pick up new programming languages at work with ease.

Shyamali Mukerjee, MS in Biostatistics 2017